Using the GoGo Board with Microworlds Logo

Microworlds is a media-rich version of the Logo programming language. You can use Microworlds to create wonderful geometric shapes, build games, create simulations, or tell stories. The GoGo Board allows you to extend programing beyond the four corners of the computer screen. You can read sensor values and control motors directly from your Logo program. For example, Logo games can now be controlled by physical switches of your own design or by sound, by light, by temperature, or anything that can be detected by a sensor.


  1. Download the Microworlds library from the downloads page
  2. Install the library by extracting the downloaded file into a new folder. You will see following files:
    • gogo.mw2 - Project file for Microworlds Pro
    • gogo.mwx - Project file for Microworlds EX
    • GoGoBurst.dll - The library file that communicates with the GoGo Board
    • gogodll.txt - Contains Logo procedures needed to communicate with the GoGo Board from Microworlds
    • readme.txt - Describes how to install and use the library
  3. Start Microworlds and open the file gogo.mw2 or gogo.mwx
  4. Turn on the GoGo Board and determine what serial port number to which the board is connected.
  5. If the GoGo board is not connected to COM1, you need to reconfigure the library. You do this by editing the procedure called 'gogoinit' which is located in the procedures page (scroll down to see it). Save and reopen the project file.
  6. Test the communication with the GoGo Board by typing "beep" in the command center.